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We are transforming Health Care by the use of genetic and genomic information to deliver highly Personalized Medicine

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We provide access to Genetic Specialists no matter where you are around the world. Eliminating distance barriers improves access and ultimately your Health

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There are more than 600 Genetic Testing Labs worldwide. We help navigate the process so you get the correct genetic test, the correct interpretation and the most cost effective testing strategy.

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Our aim is to cross-reference your personal history, medical history, family history and developmental history with patterns found in the genetics of individuals world-wide and to use that knowledge to deliver care that is Preventive, Targeted, Timely and Effective.


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— Richard James Molloy


  • Breast Cancer

    BRCA Testing for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

    Goal of Breast Cancer Awareness Month – Get BRCA Tested if you have a Family History of Breast or…

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  • Breast Cancer

    BRCA alone or Expanded Breast Cancer Gene Panel

    A Multigene breast cancer panel had a higher diagnostic yield than BRCA 1/2 Testing alone

    A patient with a strong…

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  • PSA, PHI, Prosate Cancer

    My PSA is high but I don’t have symptoms. Do I need a biopsy for possible prostate cancer?

    The Prostate Health Index (PHI) test and when it can be useful to diagnose prostate cancer



    Our patient today had…

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  • 20Oct

    What is the Cost of EDS Testing?

    What is the cost of EDS…

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