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Because we want to reach beyond our walls to improve the health of our both our local and global community, we try to foster an environment of giving and service.

Educational Outreach

Access to Education and Health are the bedrock upon which sNEHSustainable communities are built. This principle idea drives our outreach activities.

Stephen Foster Elementary School STEM Program – We are working on developing ways to integrate laboratory based hand’s on research and career development. In the past, we worked closely with the Cade Museum for Creativity and Innovation to coordinate weekly STEM educational projects





Healthcare Outreach

We continue to volunteer at community health programs and hope to develop our own community based health program. We are dedicated to providing at least one day of charity care on a monthly basis.332

Evenings with the Doctor

Evenings with the Doctor is a seminar series about family health and the most current information on care and research across a variety of healthcare topics.

Our goal is to highlight the advances in healthcare and encourage networking within our community

Contact: 352-235-9636


Upcoming Seminars

Past Seminars


Global Initatives


We are commtted to transforming global health through improving access to health services, education and research.

Project HEAL

Project HEAL is an interdisciplinary medical service trip that provides acute care to rural and indigenous Ecuadorian villages, while simultaneously seeks to identify and address public health concerns through non-formal and participatory education in health, hygiene, and preventative practices. We aspire towards healthcare sustainability and work with an amazing group of UF and Ecuadorian physicians who are committed to international medicine, medical education, and cultural competence.

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Hunger Corporationshutterstock_108451796

Mission – Hunger Corporation’s mission is to create sustainable communities in underserved areas of the world by providing support, logistics, and community awareness for “Mission” trips. Our goal is to implement sustainability projects ranging from energy infrastructure to healthcare by creating partnerships between non-profit organizations and underserved communities.

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We are taking action to reduce our environmental impact through different initiatives.


We are a paperless office and recycle all paper documents.


All staff are encouraged to volunteer on a weekly basis. Last year we put in

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