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Age Limits for Steroid Inhalers


Steroid inhalers are commonly used for mild persistent asthma and more severe disease.  However, for most practitioners, the inhalers are interchangeable for the most part in terms of effectiveness.  However, an area often over-looked is the safety data for these inhalers is often missing in certain age groups especially very young age groups.

Of course, a health care provider can always prescribe these off-label and in many cases there is a clear clinical need.  Drug safety never trumps patient safety.  However, one of the issues that arises and the reason for this blog post is that we recently had Medicaid…

How Good is the Color Genomics BRCA Test?

Angelina Jolie Breast Cancer, BRCA test

Color Genomics announced a $249 BRCA test today and the phones have been ringing all day.  The questions we have fielded all day:

1. Should I get it?

2. Why is it so cheap? Is it any good?

In fairness, we have not had any patients who have taken the Color Genomics BRCA or more accurately the Breast/Ovarian Cancer panel.  But we have reviewed their website and the white papers they offer.

The Genes:  Color Genomics analyzes 19 genes associated with hereditary breast and ovarian cancer.  The panel of genes is appropriate and quite comparable to many of the competing Genomic Testing companies…

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