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Patient Care

Our care model is based on the foundation of Time. By keeping our practice small and through the use of technology, we can spend time (30 min to 1 hour) with all of our patients. This allows us to be Health-Care Managers who can address the Totality of your care. We consider SHAHMEDICALCLINIC to be your Medical Home. As your Medical Home, all aspects of your care radiate out from one central location and from one central partnership between our Doctors and yourself. We believe that You should be involved in the decision-making. We will tell you about the risks/benefits of various courses of action but you get to decide based on your health value system.

We call this Shared Decision Making.

How do we manage to provide expert care at low cost?

  1. We practice virtual medicine.  We are available through email, phone and telemedicine (to our patients) with the goal of reducing office visits for minor issues
  2. We eliminate unneeded tests (we use a quality control electronic medical record system that helps both us and our patients in decision making)
  3. We research and negotiate prices for medical services on behalf of our members (allowing us to provide lab tests and other services at lower prices)
  4. We reduce the risk of medical errors (We use a technology platform that alerts us to medication errors, contraindications and best practices)
  5. Electronic laboratory ordering and Electronic prescriptions
  6. Limit Patient memberships and Care Hours so that our patients and our doctors never feel rushed
  7. Medication Philosophy – We have educated ourselves to the cost of medications.  We will always try to use generics or combinations of generic medications for your health-care needs.  For non-generic medications, we will try to provide care in the most cost-effective way possible.

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